What Is Gastro 360 Care?

Gastro 360  is our philosphy for total pateint care.  This means we keep in mind  all of the many factors which may be indirectly playing a role in your life. What might be the underlying cause of an illness? Could there be a connection between your symptoms and diet, lifestyle, family history, genetic traits or even life stress. Being a little more holisitic in our approach we believe is the best way to achieve longlasting results.

Our promise is to help you build a complete plan to protect health for years to come. That is the Gastro 360 approach!  

Message From Our Founder Dr. Lyday

Neighborhood Gastroenterology & Nutrition was created to provide our community a resource that combined expert medical guidance along with great service and excellent results. Healthcare must be reliable, consistent and always focused on the right priorities… keeping you healthy. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our services. We collaborate with a network of local univeristies, researchers and other healthcare specialists to develop better ideas for care. Patients in our center are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities we provide for improving their health. 


IBS is a very common complaint that we all know.  Random attacks of diarrhea, bloating, abdominal cramping, constipation are pretty typical . But what really is IBS? The truth is …IBS is an easy label given by doctors when we really don’t know what is causing the problem. In reality, there are many possible causes of these symptoms such as … an imbalance of gut flora, altered intestinal motility, inflammatory bowel disease, food sensitivitites, hormonal imbalances, and rarely cancers. A diagnosis of IBS should never be given until a careful medical evaluation has been performed.Finding answers to these questions is the first step in understanding what’s really  going on with your body. Don’t be surprised, but a thorough evaluation and proper treatment can often resolve almost all of these nuisance symptoms. Learn More
Heartburn also known as GERD , is not only annoying but is increasingly viewed as a potential threat to good health. The symtoms of heartburn vary widely but might include burning in the chest and regurgitation of acid into the mouth. In some cases, heartburn is silently causing inflammation and damage to the  esophagus and upper airway. When left untreated, GERD can lead to scarring and narrowing of the esophagus, pre-cancerous changes known as Barrett’s esophagus and even esophageal cancers.  When should you see the doctor about heartburn? Anyone with more than 5 years of active symptoms or new onset, severe complaints associated with trouble swallowing, weight loss, or signs of bleeding. 
Colonoscopy has become the primary method for removing precancerous polyps and detecting cancerous growths within the colon. Screening begins at age 45 years for average risk individuals but can be recommeded much earlier for patients, if symptoms warrant. Fortunately, the procedure has become routine and causes minimal discomfort. While there are many emerging techologies to detect colon cancer such as DNA stool testing and virtual colonoscopy imaging, none can replace the effectiveness of colonoscopy. 
Learn More >>Colonoscopy,
Fatty liver is a common condition often disocvered during a routine health exam . An elevation in liver enzymes ( LFTs) may be the first clue that the liver is not happy.  An ultrasound examination of the liver can confirm the presences of increased fatty deposits. Most people don’t realize that fat is stored in the liver and if excessive, can lead to a type of liver injury called NASH. The causes of fatty liver may be related to several factors : obesity, elevated cholesterol, and diabetes.  Fatty liver is treatable and may simply require a medically supervised diet and lifestyle plan.Individuals with fatty liver should have additional testing to determine the cause and severity of liver injury. Fatty liver is usually silent and may seem harmless, but if left untreated, patients may develop scarring of the liver and cirrhosis.  Our services are designed to determine if there is damage to your liver and provide a longterm plan for good liver health. Learn More>>
Our nutrition evaluation starts with a review of your personal history followed by targeted nutritional testing to understand your unique nutritional state. With this information, we can determine if additional testing is needed and if nutritional supplements and diet changes would be helpful. Learn More >>
The mission of the Atlanta Genome Project is to offer available DNA/RNA technologies to improve health and quality of life for our patients. Many of us are worried about family history, our diet, lifestyle and other habits which may lead to a higher risk of cancers and other diseases. Learn More >>


Good nutrition, weight control , life balance are the keys to a happy and healthy life. We believe that the more we understand about your unique health concerns, the better you will feel and live. Digestive health has a strong connection to genetic traits , family history, diet, lifestyle and habits.  You can be sure that we will perform all  recommended medical testing to keep you safe.  We will also help develop your personal plan for longterm health.