Nobody wants a band-aid approach to medical care or meaningless labels.

Let’s get to the root of the problem.

  • Every person is different.
    There are many factors that impact your digestive health; that’s why we investigate them all. We’ve organized our clinics to focus on the details of each patient’s situation, being able to provide a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan.

  • Every person matters.
    Our team cares about putting you on a genuine path to healing and optimal health. We have long-term relationships with our patients, making important health journeys with them.

  • Every person deserves answers.
    Our team isn’t satisfied with unsolved mysteries, which is why we take a patient-centered, multi-pronged approach to testing, diagnostics, and recovery, looking at the whole person. Besides the typical GI tests and imaging, we conduct endocrine, genomic, and nutritional testing. Our staff includes a registered dietician, a licensed counselor, and a fitness expert. GastroATL is also a collaborative partner with researchers from local universities, mostly in genetic research to identify risk factors of GI illnesses.
  • Every person needs a dedicated team.
    While everyone on our team has different personalities, we have one thing in common—our desire to serve people. It may not be pleasant having GI issues, but we can make sure every person has a pleasant experience here.

About Dr. Lyday

Dr Lyday started Gastroenterology Atlanta with a mission to provide a service that is comprehensive, friendly, and efficient. Our goal is to find problems, identify risk and take early corrective action. We want to be your partner in health.



Throughout our interactions with him as well as his office staff…what a pleasant experience! Not to mention his great personality as well

Dr. Lyday and his team are super helpful and nice. The facility is also a very comfortable place to go for treatment.

Macy Werner

Great bedside. Seems determined to find and solve what the issues were.

Chancellor Felton

Dr. Lyday is very professional and detailed. You can tell he cares about you and has great knowledge . Nice people.

David Cochran

Help Us Find a Cure

Gastroenterology Atlanta is committed to innovation and finding new ways to prevent and better manage digestive diseases.


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