OPTIFAST® Weight Loss Program

The OPTIFAST® program, is a medically-supervised weight-management program that closely monitors progress towards better health and emotional well-being. The program utilizes a meal replacement formula by OPTIFAST® along with monitoring and support by a team of nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle coaches.

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How is it different than other weight loss programs?

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Nutritionally complete meal replacements

rapid access

Personalized support

cancer prevention

Medical monitoring

rapid access

Lifestyle and nutrition education

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Long-term weight maintenance

Proven Benefits:

The OPTIFAST® program has over 40 years of experience and documented outcomes in more than 80 clinical weight loss publications.

Through weight loss, the OPTIFAST® program can help improve the state of certain medical conditions of patients related to their excess weight. This clinically proven program was designed to help patients improve their health by losing weight under medical supervision.

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Long-term Study Results:

After 2 years (based on 610 participants):

    • 40% of patients maintained more than half their weight loss
    • 78% of men and 60% of women maintained medically significant weight loss

After 5 years (based on 335 participants):

    • 50% of patients maintained medically significant weight loss

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