Project Description

Cancer Prevention and The Search For a Cure

The Jordan Lab in partnership with John McDonald at the School of Biology at Georgia Tech uses bioinformatics and computational genomics as a part of their research to find a cure for cancer. Gastroenterology Atlanta is committed not only to cancer preventative wellness but we are believers in these technologies and fully support of the work of John McDonald, Professor of Biology (Georgia Tech), and King Jordan, head of research at The Jordan Lab.

John McDonald is currently fusing the greatest minds & fundamentals from Georgia Tech’s School of Biology & School of Computers in order to investigate and study cancer cells and RNA in a method that he believes will improve cancer treatment.

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Donate to the Cancer Prevention Fund

Georgia Tech University, is leading the GI Cancer research in the Greater Atlanta Area to find better way to prevent GI cancers. At Gastroenterology Atlanta have started our own Cancer Prevention Fund, bringing together all of our efforts and resources to support this very special research. To donate and support our research fund, please follow the instructions below.

1. Enter your gift amount at the top and again in the “Other Designation” Box.

2. Then in the “If other, please specify” box, put “GI Cancer research/3200001752”.

3. Once the transaction is completed, you will receive an automatic reply indicating the transaction was successful, and thanking you for the gift.

People interested in contributing could also send a check made out to the Georgia Tech Foundation, Inc., (EIN 58-6043294), the 501(c)3 charitable corporation which receives and manages contributions made for the benefit of Georgia Tech and mail to them at 760 Spring Street, NW, Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30308.
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