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Integrated Services for Medically Supervised Weight Management & Nutrition Counseling

Welcome to our Weight Management and Nutrition clinic. We offer a comprehensive, scientifically validated program for individuals who want to lose a little or a lot of weight. We offer help to individuals with complex medical problems and ensure medical safety. Our goal is long-term, sustained weight control and reduction in risk factors for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. Our services also cater to a number of other patient groups – women with infertility, individuals with sleep apnea, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis and injured and diseased joints. Losing significant weight can be very beneficial in these individuals reducing symptoms and dependence on medications. We provide short term programs to help patients lose weight prior to scheduled surgery – lowering operative risk and shortening recovery time.

Our program is led by a bariatric (weight loss) team including dietitian, psychologist, fitness experts and trained medical staff.

Why Obesity is so Harmful Physically and Mentally

Obesity, as we know is a problem both medically, economically, and on a personal level. The medical complications of excess weight are staggering and relate to both now and the future. Obesity not just cosmetic but is a major cause of illness, disability and chronic disease in particular, cancer, heart attack, and stroke. Economically, the costs are enormous due to the increased medication use, hospitalization, disability, absence from work and reduced work effectiveness. Perhaps most importantly, obesity causes a tremendous loss in quality of life, energy to do things, enjoyment of family, friends, and normal activities. Psychologically, being overweight or obese is very damaging and leads to increased depression, low self-esteem, and isolation.

The Goal of our Weight Management Clinic

The goal of our center is to provide a safe place to get life back in order and develop a workable plan that lasts. We are not interested in individuals losing weight for a year or two. We want lifelong weight control. Our programs are intense in the initial phases, we want to get that weight off and lower some of your risk factors. Along the way, we will eliminate a few of your medications. After significant weight is lost, we move to a transition phase and finally a long-term maintenance plan.

I will also point out that we are not surgeons. We have no desire to see our patients undergo gastric bypass or any other irreversible surgeries to lose weight. However, we do have tools at our disposal in to help patients “get over the hump” until they have their diet and lifestyle plans solidly ingrained as habits. Depending on the individual, we might prescribe weight loss medications to suppress appetite and offer non-surgical procedures such as Obalon or ReShape gastric balloons. These tools can be very effective in curbing appetite until new habits have formed. The long-term game for sustained weight control will always be diet, lifestyle, good habits, healthy relationships, developing troubleshooting skills and managing stress. We don’t want dependence on any medication, and we want to avoid irreversible weight loss surgeries.

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Group Class

A weekly, evening class with a group of 10-12 individuals all beginning their weight loss journey. Classes are run by a trained psychologist and supported by the dietitian and physician.  This is a 6 month intensive program.

Pre-Surgical Program

For individuals who need to lose weight prior to an upcoming surgery in order to lower their surgical risk and improve outcomes. These programs are tailored to the individual need and coordinated with your surgeon. The program will typically last  3-6 months and may incorporate physical therapists to help improve physical strength prior to surgery.

Gastric Balloon

An alternative to gastric bypass might be the temporary placement of a stomach balloon to curb appetite and mimic the effects of gastric bypass. We use only FDA approved procedures including Obalon and Orbera Balloon systems. Longterm, everyone will need training in diet, lifestyle and forming new, daily habits. 

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One on One Meetings

Individuals needing to lose just a little weight may not need a group class. A one on one program can be very effective for losing weight to improve appearance and physical performance. These patients may need to lose just 10 -20lbs . Programs are tailored to each patient and can fit any weight loss needs.

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